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The ever slowing computer!

Even after an hour's use your computer is already piling on the information stored within the operating system. Temp files are created, web pages are stored and so on.

This ever increasing pile of information can take its toll on your computer and eventually you'll start noticing errors and crashes happening on more regular basis. You won't have a "How do I look after my PC" guide with any computer so everyone who doesn't have a good knowledge of windows will start to see this happening. The problem is once it has started unless you have a very good knowledge of the operating system you could cause even more errors by trying to fix the original errors.

Help is at hand!

Our PC health check will

  • Scan for viruses*
  • Scan for Spyware
  • Clean up your hard drive
  • De-fragment your hard drive
  • Check your registry for any likely problems
  • Clean up the programmes you have installed
  • Recommend programmes to remove and also which ones to replace them with.

* We won't be using your virus checker in case you are infected and the virus is preventing your virus checker from detecting it.

See the prices page for more details.

typical windows error messages

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