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"Computer Training in Devon "

Computer training in Torbay, Devon
Congratulations on joining millions of other people around the World. Young or old makes no difference and there are plenty of retired people enjoying the benefits of all this information.

Using a computer isn't as daunting as it looks. All it needs is practice. You cannot destroy a computer by using it and any software problems can always be fixed. You should never be afraid to use it because the information if contains could help you greatly!


Depending on your computer knowledge we could start at the basics :

  • Connect all the wires and Install the operating system if it's straight out of the box.
  • Show you how to shut down and turn on your computer properly.
  • Show you how to use a mouse and set up the computer to suit your needs.
  • Explain how to navigate around the computer.
  • Explain how to look after your computer.
  • Explain how to move documents and programmes about.
  • Explain what the desktop is and how to add programmes and files to it.

More advanced computer training could include:

  • Control your start up programs using msconfig.
  • How to create a small network in your home.
  • How to share files between two or more computers
  • How to remove the files and/or programs you no longer need
  • Checking your registry for viruses

The list could go on and on and it all depends on the experience you already have. We can tailor your training to suit your experience

See the prices page for more details.


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