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Here is a detailed list of charges



*prices outside of our normal free call out area charged at 40p per mile from the border
of our usual free call out zone.

Please note that we do not condone the use of pirate software and will not work on any machine with a pirate operating system. If you have such a system and would like to make it legal then we will be happy to install a legal copy of windows 7 if your system is compatible, please call 01626 824826 to enquire about pricing.


If you need any of the following the charges are £40 for the first hour and £25 per hour thereafter.

  • Virus removal
  • Spyware removal
  • PC health checks
  • General bugs relating to software conflicts
  • Networks


You have Three options:

OPTION ONE - £80 at our premises or £120 at yours

  1. Format your Hard Drive (Wipes the hard drive clean, total loss of data, please make copies of all pictures/ documents, you do this anyway, right? ;0))
  2. Installation of Windows XP/Vista/7 from your disks/data partition
  3. Update and Install drivers for the hardware inside the PC
  4. Install Anti Spyware if required (£20 extra)
  5. All updates for your Windows operating system
  6. Install Kaspersky Internet Security (£25 extra) or your own if prefered
  7. Set Up your existing email account if required


OPTION TWO - £150 Our Premises due to required back up service - Free Collect and Return if within our normal service area.

This option includes all of the following

  1. Back up all files and information from your working hard drive before format.
  2. Format your hard drive for a clean install (total destruction of data)
  3. Installation of windows XP/Vista/7
  4. Update and Installation of Drivers required by your system
  5. Download and install all the windows updates
  6. Install Virus Checker (Kaspersky Internet Security £25 extra, your supplied one or we will download a free one for you), update virus list.
  7. Install Spyware program and update (if required £20 extra).
  8. Set up scheduling of virus checker and spyware updates.
  9. Install saved files backed up before the format
  10. Install emails, accounts, favorites etc backed up before the format
  11. You will receive a DVD containing all the back up files
  12. Install all of your programmes again (You will need the CD's for us to this this)
  13. Return and set up hardware (Printers etc)

What is this Kaspersky Internet Security?

Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the few Anti Virus names that we trust and use consistantly, online price list £39.95 but we will install it for you for £25 when we are visiting you. Believe it or not, Viri, customers have caught while using Norton/Symantec products normally find the Virus with this software. We also recommend back up with a decent spyware remover that Kaspersky is not really designed for, one of the best is Malwarebytes Anti Malware which will run along side your virus scanner and will not allow you access to malicious internet sites, keeping you safe from web infections. We will happily install this for you as well for £20.


If you need any of the following the charges are £20 per hour with the maximum price of £40

  • Broadband help
  • Dial-Up help


If you require the following the charges are £25 for the first hour and £10 per hour thereafter.

  • Wireless router help
  • Networking help


This is a two hour lesson at your home and the price is £40.

You can split this into 2 parts if you wish, depending on your learning speed.


We have accounts with most IT wholesalers and distributors in the UK and can source over 100,000 items from laptop spares, upgrades to printers and laptops, componants, peripherals and accessories.

We also do New and Fully Warrantied Refurbished PC's and Laptops from all of the top brands, call for details.



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