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Re-Installation of Windows

It happens to everyone at some point because from the moment you launch your first programme or log onto the internet your computer is never the same again. Over the course of time programmes get installed then uninstalled, mistakes made and error signs ignored.

If you are experiencing problems but are unsure what the cause is then please get in touch by phone and try to explain the problem. We will explain what we believe the problem to be, whether it is software or hardware related, and arrange to repair it for you.

If it sounds like a computer which is in need of some caring then you can either bring the computer to us and receive discounted rates or we will come to you.

We will inspect your machine and then start to repair the operating system. Once that is complete we will download and install all known updates and programmes that will help keep your computer running more smoothly in the future.
There are times when the computer is in such a bad way that a reinstallation of windows is your only option. If this is the case and you have left the machine with us, we will phone first to explain the problem. You will not be charged any extra for the reinstallation if we can't fix the machine by normal methods.

See the prices page for more details.


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