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Wired and Wireless Network Connections

wireless router help in Devon
Having wireless access is growing in popularity and it's easy to see why. There are a growing number of homes with 2 or more computers all wanting to access the internet at the same time, share files etc etc

Although setting up a wireless network is becoming easier it is still daunting for many people. The biggest problem we've seen is the home users who don't set it up properly. An unsecured wireless connection grants others total access to your connection and even worse your files, if its been really badly configured. We have found dozens of homes around the bay that could allow us to do whatever we want on their connection and chances are they would never know.

We have set up many wireless networks and we make sure you are safe behind the firewall and all the settings on the router are set-up to stop unauthorized access.

We can supply all hardware if needed to make your Network fast and secure. Some ISP's (Internet Service Providers) provide this free of charge when you take out a broadband contract with them. Please keep in mind that internet speed will vary on:

  • The distance you are from your BT exchange
  • The time of day. When the kids get home from school till about 9.00pm is slowest, when everyone is online.
  • Your ISP. There are so many companies offering cheap Broadband deals, who do you choose? Our personal choice is Plusnet for both our telephones and broadband. From general use packages to business and gaming, they offer the best deals with the best service and their telephone charges are not only cheaper than BT, their prices include line rental!

Want to save money on your broadband? Quick, grab a lifeline from PlusNet. Super-fast up to 8Mb broadband only 9.99 per month. Moving is free - terms apply. PlusNet broadband.

What you will need when we arrive:

  • Your providers login name and password
  • The wireless routerand installation CD*
  • A Windows based operating system**
  • The Wireless cards or USB dongles plus install CD's that fit into your laptop or PC
  • If you have any questions about this, please call us

* Please make sure the CD supports your operating system.
** I'm afraid we only install on windows based systems

See our Wireless Prices Page for more details.


Got a wireless network already?
Worried your Network is wide open like lots of all other networks?

We can check your network for you for just


If it is unsecure we can fix it via secure remote, all you need is an internet connection and are able to open your internet browser.


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